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Marriages of Peruvian citizens held before competent authorities from Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, Kentucky and Delaware can be registered in the Consular Office of Peru in Washington DC. Marriage held outside of the mentioned districts cannot be registered in that Consulate General. Applicants should locate the Consulate which pertains to them. Registration of marriage in the Consular Offices does not imply a new marriage ceremony, conversely it permits the recognition of the marriage contracted under foreign authority, starting at the date of the ceremony before the foreign authority.

  • Presence of both spouses.
    • If both spouses are Peruvian, they should present their current DNIs.
    • If one of them is foreign, they should present the document with which the authorities in the country where they request registration identify them; while the Peruvian spouse should present their current DNI.
    • It is also possible for the Peruvian spouse to effect the registration individually, identified with their current DNI.

  • Registration can never take place at the request of the foreign.
    • It is also possible to effect the registration at the request of a representative of the Peruvian spouse(s).

  • The representative must present a power of attorney before a spouse alone.notary or the Consul of Peru for signing publicly or outside of the registration, where the spouse(s) authorize them to register their marriage.
    • Copy of the identification documents of the applicant and both spouses.
    • Foreign marriage contract, where it shows that one or both of the spouses are Peruvian citizens.
  • Peruvian citizens, whose DNI refers to their marital status as "married," may not register their marriage until they update or correct their marital status.

  • Upon registration, the Consular Office will present one (1) certified copy of the certificate, free of charge.
  • Marriage registration may take place at any time.


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