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 Issuance of Business Visa

Foreign nationals wishing to do business in Peru must obtain a business visa, unless the country of origin of the citizen has an agreement with the Peruvian government to allow travel to Peru without a business visa for this purpose.  This Visa is mandatory for anyone who is going to conclude a contract.

  • Fill out the form provided by the Peruvian consulate (DGC 005).
  • Present a valid passport.
  • Round Trip ticket to Peru (ticket, electronic ticket or reservation).
  • Letter from the company stating the purpose of visit, duration of the same, and that he has sufficient economic support to cover all expenses during the stay in Peru.
  • Letter from the Peruvian company, where travel is tied to a specific national counterpart, stating the reason and time thereof, and that he has sufficient financial support to cover his expenses.
  • Two (2) passport size colour photographs.
  • Payment of the corresponding consular fee.
30.00 Consular Soles (*)
(*) A Consular Sol is approximately equivalent to one US dollar in local currency.
For local currency equivalents, see section - Consular Fees​ .

  • The submission of the visa application and supporting documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of a visa.  Each application is assessed individually by the Peruvian Consul.
  • During the formalities of the application, it may be required the submission of additional requirements.

Central Telefónica:
228-606-700 INFORMES. Para todo tipo de consultas en general como antecedentes penales, pasaportes, DNI, visas, autorización de viajes, etc.).
Sólo emergencias (situaciones de riesgo, accidentes, robos, defunción fortuita, detención, desapariciones, etc.): +56 963-092-991.
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Lunes a viernes Trámites: 8:30 h. a 13:00 h. Entrega de documentos: 8:30 h. a 12:00 h. / 13:30h. a 16:00 h