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Issuance of Business Visa

Foreign nationals wishing to do business in Peru must obtain a business visa, unless the country of origin of the citizen has an agreement with the Peruvian government to allow travel to Peru without a business visa for this purpose. This Visa is mandatory for anyone who is going to conclude a contract.

  1. Passport with a minimum validity of six months after expected date of arrival to Peru.
  2. Personal interview which can be scheduled after presenting the rest of the documentation at the Embassy premises.
  3. Copy of Aadhar Card.
  4. Photocopy of the front and back sides of passport.
  5. Two (DGC 005) forms duly typed or handwritten, in block letters. In addition, the applicant MUST submit a valid email ID and phone number registered in their name. Submission of a phone number that does not belong to the applicant is not allowed, except for children.
  6. Three recent coloured, passport-size photographs (4.3 X 3.5 cm) with white background. The face size should cover between 70% - 80% of the photograph.
  7. Cover letter duly signed by the applicant.
  8. An apostilled invitation letter in English or Spanish from the business associate in Peru to be directly mailed at or faxed at +91-11-4616 3301.
  9. A formal letter from the company in which the person is employed, mentioning company profile and purpose of the travel of the applicant.
  10. A Letter from the recognized local chambers of commerce (FIEO, FICCI, APEDA, ASSOCHAM, PHD etc) confirming the company's registration details.
  11. Proof of registration of the company.
  12. Personal Bank Statement of the applicant (latest 3 months).
  13. Latest 1 year income tax receipt of the applicant.
  14. Salary slips, for the latest six months.
  15. Round-trip ticket reservation to Peru.
  16. Hotel reservation(s) in Peru.
  17. In addition to the abovementioned documents, nationals of Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka are required to furnish a police clearance certificate.

2550 Indian rupees (INR) in cash.

Instructions for submission
  • Visa applications may ONLY be submitted and processed at the Embassy of Peru in New Delhi. The Embassy accepts submissions of documents at its premises by the applicants themselves, except in the case of minors. Any exemptions to this may only be evaluated on a per case basis. The Embassy does not charge any additional fees beyond the official visa cost.
  • Applicants may approach the Embassy premises between 10:00-12:00 hrs from Monday to Friday, except Government Holidays, as communicated by the Department of Personnel and Training (
  • Submission of a complete visa file will be acknowledged by an email, containing a link to schedule an interview. Standalone documents sent by email or courier do not initiate the processing of a visa. Only a complete file submitted to the Embassy, acknowledged by email can be considered for the start of the visa processing time. 
  • The updated estimated time of tourist and business visa processing for Indian is of 7-10 working days, which are counted after the personal interview. Non-Indian nationals' applications may take around 10 additional working days to be processed.
  • Once an application is submitted, the Consular Section of the Embassy of Peru reserves its right to request additional documents.
  • The submission of a complete visa application and supporting documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of a visa. Each application is assessed individually by the Consular Section.
  • Visas issued by the Peruvian government must be used within the first six months of being issued, otherwise they automatically expire. In this case you will be required to reapply for a visa.
  • All tourist and business visas have a validity of 183 days and grant multiple entries to Peru.
  • Queries related to issuance of visas are dealt through email. Please contact  in case of any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • I have a valid US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or Schengen visa. ¿Do I require a visa to travel to Peru?
    No, as long as your other visa has a validity of at least six months, even if you have not used it yet. The rules do not specify the visa category that enables this exemption (e.g. tourist, business, transit, etc.).

  • ¿Do I require a transit visa to travel to Peru?
    No. Peru does not issue transit visas. An Indian national may transit through Peru en route to a third country so as long he or she does not leave the international area of the airport.

  • I am an Indian national. ¿Can I obtain a visa on arrival to Peru?
    Peru does not issue visas on arrival. Instead, there is a visa exemption for Indian citizens who hold valid US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or Schengen visas. When exempted from a Peruvian visa in this way, there is no “visa on arrival” payment to be done at the airport, upon arrival to Peru.

  • I have to submit a visa application in another Embassy. ¿Can I present my application file without my passport?
    No. Withdrawing part or the totality of your documents while no decision has been made regarding your visa application will render the whole process void. You will need to resubmit your complete files at a later date.

  • ¿Does Peru require Indians to present a yellow fever certificate to enter its territory?
    Peru does not require travellers to hold a valid yellow fever certificate.

  • ¿What are the sanitary restrictions that Peru has enacted to curb the spread of COVID-19?
    A foreigner that wants to travel to Peru needs to show proof of having completed its full cycle of vaccinations abroad, as per the guidelines of his or her country of residence. For people (of any nationality) legally residing of India, this implies showing a CoWin certificate of full vaccination (2 doses). Peru recognizes all vaccines of the Indian vaccination drive.
    However, legal residents of Peru, whether Peruvian or foreigner, are required to have been inoculated with three doses of a COVID vaccine, whether in Peru or abroad.
    If you are not vaccinated, you may still travel to Peru by showing a negative PCR test result obtained less than 48 hours before your flight.
    Minors younger than 12 years old only need to be asymptomatic to board a flight to Peru.
    IMPORTANT: All travellers to Peru must complete this Health Affidavit before boarding the flight to Peru

  • I not an Indian citizen but I reside in India. ¿Can I apply for a visa?
    Yes. However, the time to process your visa may be longer than usual due to additional verifications and permissions required to assess your application.

  • I had a Peruvian visa but I was not allowed to enter Peru when arriving to the airport.¿ How is this possible?
    While a visa allows a person to travel to Peru, it is ultimately the decision of the Migratory authority at the airport whether to allow any one person to enter the country. The Embassy may not interfere with the decision taken by said authority.

  • I want to work in Peru, ¿Can I apply for a visa?
    The Embassy requires special authorizations to process any visa type beyond tourism and business. Work visa applications are processed by the Superintendency of Migrations in Lima.

  • ¿How much minimum balance do I need to have in my bank account to apply for a visa?
    There is no minimum balance requirement but you have to keep in mind that the issuing officer needs to be satisfied that your visit to Peru complies with the visa category description.

  • ¿Can I get a visa for Peru from the Honorary Consulates in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore or Chennai?
    No. you may only apply for a visa at the Embassy of Peru in New Delhi.

  • ¿Which is the best route to go to Peru?
    The Consular Section is not in the capacity to recommend any one particular route to travel to Peru. You may explore options for travel using different engines online or by visiting a travel company.

  • ¿What is the current weather in Peru?
    Peru has something for everyone in every season and every weather! You may explore different destinations by visiting

Submission of Fake Documents
IPC Section 463:- Forgery
Whoever makes any false document or false electronic record or part of a document with intent to cause damage or injury, to the public or to any person, or to support any claim or title, or to cause any person to part with property, or to enter into any express or implied contract, or with intent to commit fraud or that fraud may be committed, commits forgery.

IPC Section 465:- Punishment for forgery

Whoever commits forgery shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.







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