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Honorary Consuls

Por el momento no se cuenta con consulados honorarios en el Reino Unido.
Honorary Consuls – Rights and Duties
According to the Vienna Convention and the Regulations for Peruvian Consular Missions
The Consulate General sends a request to the General Directorate for Consular Affairs. The request must include the applicant’s CV and a letter expessing his/her interest in covering the position.
Through a Supreme Decision issued by the President. An Honorary Consul can be either a Peruvian national or a person of another nationality.
1. The duties will be performed under de supervision of the Consulate General of Peru in London.
2. Opening of an office or an area within the applicant’s usual business in which to receive Peruvian nationals. The Peruvian flag and National Seal must be displayed in an appropiate, visible place. The Honorary Consul and/or his/her staff must be able to serve Peruvian nationals in Spanish.
 3. Processes to be covered: Civil Registers (Births, Marriages, Deaths); Peruvian IDs.
 4. Collection of fees (an account for this exclusive use has to be opened
 5. Accounts: To be presented to the Consulate General in London
6. Assistance to Peruvian nationals in case of emergencies (hospitalisation, prison, etc.)
7. The consular premises shall not be used in any manner incompatible with the exercise of consular functions. All those areas that are used for other means will not be considered as part of the consular premises.
 8. Even when provided with privileges and immunities, Honorary Consuls must respect the regulations, laws and customs of the receiving State (the United Kingdom). They also have a duty not to interfere in British internal affairs
1. The Consulate General will provide training to the Honorary Consul and/or his/her staff in regards with processes and accounts.
 2. Provision of consular goods through diplomatic customs franchise: Peruvian coat of arms, flags, nameplate, consular stamps, seals.
 3. Budget: If approved by the General Directorate, the Honorary Consulate may receive a budget for maintenance expenses and/or bank commissions. The budget will be calculated taking into consideration the percentage of fees collections.
Beginning and end of consular privileges and immunities:
a. Every member of the consular post shall enjoy these privileges and immunities from the moment he/she enters on his duties with the consular posting.
b. When the functions of the Honorary Consul come to an end, his/her privileges and immunities, and those of the members of his/her family forming part of his/her household or a member of his/her staff will also end.
Use of the Peruvian flag and coat-of-arms:
a. The sending State (Peru) shall have the right to display its national flag and coat-of-arms in the United Kingdom:
b. The national flag may be flown and the Peruvian coats-of-arms displayed at the building occupied by the Honorary Consulate, as well as at its entrance door, the residence of the Consul, and his/her means of transport when used on official business.
c. British regulations, laws, and usages must be taken into account in the exercise of this privilege
Protection of the consular premises: The United Kingdom will take the necessary measures to protect the consular premises of a Honorary Consulate against any intrusion or damage and to prevent any disturbance of the peace of the consular post or impairment of its dignity.
Inviolability of consular archives and documents: These will be inviolable at all times and wherever they may be, provided that they are kept separate from other papers and documents and, in particular, from the private correspondence of the head of a consular post and of any person working with him, and from the materials, books or documents relating to their profession or trade.
Exemption from customs duties relating to goods used in consular activities (coats-of-arms, flags, signboards, seals and stamps, books, official printed material, office furniture, office equipment and similar articles supplied by or at the instance of the Republic of Peru to the consular post): Exemptions will take place in accordance with British laws and regulations, in regards with all customs duties, taxes, and related charges other than those for storage, cartage and similar services.
a. The Honorary Consul may use all the appropriate means, including diplomatic or consular couriers, diplomatic or consular bags and messages. Coordination with the Consulate General in London will be necessary to exercise this privilege.
b. The official correspondence (relating to the consular post and its functions ) shall be inviolable. 
c. Communication with the authorities of the receiving State: The Honorary Consul may address the local authorities of their consular district; and the central authorities of the United Kingdom.
Communication and contact with Peruvian nationals:
a.      Freedom of communication with nationals and access to them. Peruvian nationals have the same freedom of communication with and access to consular officers
b.     Competent British authorities shall, without delay and if the Peruvian national so requests, inform the Honorary Consul of any arrest, imprisonment, custody, or any other means of detention. British authorities must inform of this right to every Peruvian nationals in any way detained.
c.      Consular officers shall have the right to visit a Peruvian national who is in any way detained, to converse and correspond with him/her and to arrange for his/her legal representation. Nevertheless, consular officers shall refrain from taking action on behalf of a detained Peruvian national if he/she expressly opposes such action.
Information of deaths, guardianships, trusteeships, wrecks and air accidents: British authorities have the duty to inform, without delay, the Consular officer of the death of a Peruvian national, the appointment of a guardian or trustee in the interests of a Peruvian minor or person lacking full capacity; the wreckage of a vessel or aircraft bearing the Peruvian flag.
a. Consular officers who are nationals of, or permanently resident in, the receiving State shall enjoy immunity from jurisdiction and personal inviolability in respect of official acts performed in the exercise of their functions.
b. Other members of the consular post who are themselves nationals of or permanently resident in the United Kingdom shall likewise enjoy facilities, privileges and immunities only insofar as these are granted to them by the United Kingdom.
 c. If criminal proceedings are instituted against an honorary consular officer, he/she must appear before the competent authorities. Nevertheless, the proceedings shall be conducted with the respect due to him/her by reason of his/her official position and, except when he/she is under arrest or detention, in a manner which will hamper the exercise of consular functions as little as possible. When it has become necessary to detain an honorary consular officer, the proceedings against him/her shall be instituted with the minimum of delay.
d. The United Kingdom is under a duty to accord to an honorary consular officer such protection as may be required by reason of his/her official position.
e. Testimony: Members of a consular post are under no obligation to give evidence concerning matters connected with the exercise of their functions or to produce official correspondence and documents relating thereto. They are also entitled to decline to give evidence as expert witnesses with regard to the British law.
Exemption from taxation:
a. An honorary consular officer shall be exempt from all dues and taxes on the remuneration and emoluments which he receives from Peru in respect of the exercise of consular functions.
b. The United Kingdom shall exempt honorary consular officers from all personal services and from all public services of any kind whatsoever and from military obligations
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