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Information for Australians who wants to apply for a Work & Vacations in order to travel to Peru

The Work & Holiday temporary visa is issued for young Australians between 18 and 30 years old (inclusive) who wants to spend their vacations in Peru up to one year and work incidentally during the same period.

The visa main objective is to encourage cultural exchange and closer ties between young people from Australia and Peru. Both countries have established a Memorandum of Understanding to that effect.

The Directorate General of Peruvian Communities Abroad and Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will receive the applications through the Consular Section of the Peruvian Embassy in Canberra, the Consulate General of Peru in Sydney or any Consular Office of Peru abroad, starting October 1st, 2017.

During 2019 Australians will receive up to 1500 Work & Holiday visas.

Young Australians who receive a Work & Holiday Visa and enter Peruvian territory must comply with the respective laws and regulations of the Republic of Peru.

Requirements and list of documents to be attached to the application form.
What does the Work & Holiday Visa allow me to do?
How to apply?
Form, Summary Sheet and consular fee
Functional Spanish
Economic solvency
Memorandum of Understanding between Peru and Australia
Certificates of studies
How can I confirm when the Peruvian Consular Office has received my application?
How can I know the status of my application?
When can I travel and how long can I stay in Peru after the issuance of the Work & Holiday visa?
Have a Work & Holiday visa but will not use it, can I get another Work & Holiday visa?
How can I find out how many spaces are available?
What happens if I submit my application and there are no more spaces available? or, can I apply if the quota has been covered?
What are the health requirements?

  1. You must be outside Peru when you apply for your Work & Holiday visa.
  2. Be between 18 and 30 years old at the date of application.
  3. Hold an Australian passport.  Attach a simple color copy of the passport (only the page with biographical data) as well as a copy of a Birth Certificate or other identification document showing the date of birth of the applicant in order to verify the age.
  4. Have a level of functional Spanish. See the "Functional Spanish" section.
  5. Be able to show sufficient funds to stay in Peru and to buy air tickets. See the "Economic solvency" section.
  6. Have a letter of support from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). See the "Memorandum of Understanding between Peru and Australia" section.
  7. Meet educational requirements. See "Certificates of studies".
  8. Attach a Declaration signed before a public notary stating that the applicant will not travel with any dependent children under the terms of the Work and Holiday Visa Program and that he/she will leave Peru before the expiration of his/her visa.
  9. Show good conduct by attaching the documents you deem appropriate.
  10. A recent passport size photo (not older than 6 months).
Important Note: The attached documents could be in English or in Spanish. Only in cases where it is in another language, a translation into Spanish is needed. You are requested to send simple and non-original copies.

  1. Stay in Peru for up to 12 months.
  2. Leave the country and re-enter as many times as desired within 12 months after the date of the first entry.
  3. Work in Peru up to six months with each employer.
  4. Study in the country up to four months.

The complete application, including the visa application form, the summary sheet and the documents proving the fulfillment of the requirements of the Work & Holiday Visa must be submitted to one of the following two Peruvian Consular Offices in Australia:

Consular Section of the Embassy of Peru in Canberra
40 Brisbane Avenue, Barton ACT 2600, Australia
Phone: + 61- (2) -6273-7351
E-mail:  /

Consulate General of Peru in Sydney
Suite 1001, 84 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: + 61- (2) -9235-0300 + 61- (2) -9235-0300
E-mail:  /

Exceptionally, an application could submitted outside Australia through any other Peruvian Career Consular Office abroad. Further information about these offices can be found in:

  1. The DGC-005 Visa Application form has to be completed. The applicant must answer all the questions on the form and sign it. The form could be downloaded from: Form DGC - 005.
  2. In addition, a summary sheet must be completed, signed and sent with the application documents. The Summary Sheet can downloaded from the following link: Summary Sheet .
  3. The current consular fee is $ 80.00 (eighty) American dollars (Tariff 68a) and must be paid as indicated by each Consular Office.

The Consular Office will evaluate and determine through a personal interview or via Skype if the applicant has enough Spanish skills at a functional level.

Important Note: An adequate level of Spanish is required at the time of applying. This means that if the Consular Office determines that the applicant does not demonstrate sufficient proficiency in that language at the functional level, the application of visa will be rejected.

Demonstrate access to:
  1. $ 2,500 US dollars for maintenance and staying expenses.
  2. $ 1,800 US dollars for air fares or have bought airfare tickets (round trip).
To show economic evidence any of these documents could be attached:
  1. A current bank statement / statement of account; or
  2. A letter from a bank (signed and stamped) indicating the name of the account holder, type of account and the available balance; or
  3. A Bank statement / statement of account of a credit card.
Important Note: If the funds are not yours you must include a letter from the person who financially supports your trip (sponsor), indicating that he/she will provide financial support during your stay in Peru and his/her link with the applicant, e.g. Father or brother. It should also include a simple copy of the sponsor's identity document.

It is required to demonstrate access to funds at the time of application. This means that the Peruvian Consular Office will reject the application if it does not include evidence of funds upon receipt.

  1. The applicant must enclose with his/her application a letter of support from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) indicating that he/she is qualified to opt for the program of Work and Holiday visa established between Peru and Australia.
  2. In order for an Australian to obtain the letter of Government support, they are required to provide scanned color copies of:
    • A valid passport.
    • One other form of identification with current residential address. Example: Telephone account..
    • Tertiary qualifications, a letter from their university confirming the level of study, or academic transcripts.
      These should be emailed to the Department.
  3. For further information please go to the following link:
  4. The letter of support will be emailed back within 5-10 business days, if they meet with all the requirements.
Important Note: To provide a letter of support from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is an essential requirement at the time of application. This means that the application will be rejected by the Peruvian Consular Office if the letter of support by DIBP is not included within the application documents.

The request should attach evidence that the applicant has:
  1. Obtained a university degree or a university diploma.
  2. Successfully completed two years of university studies and has been promoted to third year, or
  3. Obtained a degree from a Professional Institute or Technical Training Center for a career of at least 2 years officially recognized by the place of residence.
Important Note: If you have completed 2 years of study and did not obtain a diploma or degree or did not continue studies, you do not meet this requirement.

When your request has been received and registered by the Peruvian Consular Office, you will receive an acknowledgment letter in your email.

  1. By e-mail from the Consular Office where you applied.
  2. Any additional response or request will be notified to the email address the applicant provided in his/her application. All communication are in Spanish language. 

  1. The visa is issued physically on the applicant´s passport through a label. You should reach the Consular Section of the Peruvian Embassy in Canberra, the Consulate General of Peru in Sydney or any of the Peruvian Career Consular Office. The applicant must previously coordinate by email or telephone the place and date to deliver the visa.
  2. The Consular Office will verify when issuing a visa that the applicant has appropriate medical insurance and travel insurance, at the moment of issuance.
  3. After issuing the visa in your passport, you can travel immediately.
  4. You have 6 (six) months to make use of your visa.
  5. After your first entry into Peru, you can stay a maximum of 12 months in the country.
  6. During this period, you can make multiple entries. Please keep in mind that the 12-month stay period starts from the date of your first entry.
  7. Finally, please take into account that it is mandatory for Australian beneficiaries of a Work & Holiday visa who have obtained employment in Peru, to inform the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion ( about his/her employment status. 

If you obtained a Work & Holiday visa and did not or cannot use it, you can re-apply for a new visa the following year provided you still meet all the requirements. In addition, if you have used the visa and returned back to Australia you can re-apply for a second Work and Holiday Visa if you are less than 31 years old and if you meet the other requirements.

  1. The Work & Holiday Visas for Australians annual quota in 2017 is 100.
  2. Normally the Work & Holiday Program starts  on July 1st each year, but exceptionally in 2017 it will start on October 1st.
  3. The Embassy of Peru in Australia and the General Consulate of Peru in Sydney will inform the general public about ant further developments through their official web pages and Facebook accounts.

  1. No application form will be approved once the 100 space quota has been reached.
  2. Applications received after when the quota has already been covered will be returned to the applicant.
  3. No new applications will be accepted once the quota available for Australian nationals has been completed.

  1. Usually there is no medical examination needed if you are an Australian national.
  2. However, in the event that a medical examination is required, it will be requested by E-mail directly to the applicant.






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