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 Issuance of Tourist Visa

Foreign nationals wishing to visit Peru and require a visa, according to their country of origin, may apply for a Tourist visa if they have recreational or similar purposes. This migratory status does not admit the purpose of immigration, permanent residence or development of remunerated activities.

  • Fill out the form provided by the Peruvian consulate (DGC 005).
  • Personal interview, scheduled by the Peruvian consulate.
  • Present a valid passport.
  • Round Trip ticket to Peru (ticket, electronic ticket or reservation).
  • Hotel booking; or tour package booking; or invitation letter legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru (any of these documents);
  • Two (2) passport size colour photographs.
  • Show financial solvency: recent copy of your bank statement.
  • Payment of the corresponding consular fee.
30.00 Consular Soles (*)
(*) A Consular Sol is approximately equivalent to one US dollar in local currency.
For local currency equivalents, see section - Consular Fees​.

  • The submission of the visa application and supporting documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of a visa. Each application is assessed individually by the Peruvian Consul.
  • During the proceedings of the application, it may be required the submission of additional requirements.

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